• World Championship Qualifiers This Weekend

    Cheer on our men’s and women’s national teams this weekend as they participate in qualifiers for this year’s World Championships.  Matches are at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, and streamed live at http://volleyballsourcemag.com/live


    MAY 16

    6 p.m. Women – Canada vs. Jamaica

    8 p.m. Men – Canada vs. Panama

    MAY 17

    6 p.m. Men – Canada vs. Trinidad & Tobago

    8 p.m. Women – Canada vs. Mexico

    MAY 18

    6 p.m. Women – Canada vc. US Virgin Islands

    8 p.m. Men – Canada vc. Costa Rica

    MAY 19

    2 p.m. Men – Bronze Medal match

    4 p.m. Women – Bronze Medal match

    6 p.m. Men – Gold Medal match

    8 p.m. Women – Gold Medal match

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