Super Bowl: Winners!


Super Bowl: Winners!

Congratulations to the Patriots for their Super Bowl win but even more exciting is our own Super Bowl raffle winners:

The $100 half time prize winner is Brian P. who had the lucky square (4,4) representing the 24/14 half time score

All players were emailed their draw on Friday but in case you did’t receive it, here it is.

Final Draw

Congratulations to George K. who had the lucky square (8,4) for the final score of 28/24 to win himself $250. If George’s name is familiar, that’s because he was also the lucky winner of our $1,000 Beer for a Year raffle back in the fall. Share some of that luck with us, George! Congratulations and thank you for supporting Intensity.


You don’t need to be a football fan for your chance to win up to $350! Super Bowl is February 1 and each $10 square you purchase in our Super Bowl pool gets you a 1 in 100 chance to win if your lucky square reflects the half time or final score of the Super Bowl game. Squares will be assigned through a random draw on January 30, or when tickets are sold out,  and the final grid will be posted here prior to Super Bowl kick-off.  Full Details.

Squares will only be confirmed once payment is received. You may use this form to place your order but please pay your player as soon as possible to confirm your square.

To purchase a square, see a 16U Intensity player or complete the contact form below:

Thank you for supporting Intensity!

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