Where Do Our Fees Go?

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Where Do Our Fees Go?

I’m often asked where our fees go, and why volleyball costs what it does. Surely the club is making a lot of money? Are the coaches and executive paid a salary?

The facts are pretty simple:

  • Every expense we have is passed through at cost. We are a registered non-profit (though some other clubs are corporations earning a profit.)
  • Other clubs we collaborate with, and with whom we have shared our financial information, with have very similar numbers, when you compare apples to apples.
  • Nobody in the club is paid a salary of any kind, we are all volunteers.
  • Other than nominal honorariums paid to coaches and executive at year end, to cover non-reimbursed expenses for the year, everything else is exact cost.
  • We have enough cash in the bank at the end of each season to pay for gym permits and tryout shirts and other miscellaneous expenses to get the next season started, that is it.
  • We’re budgeting this year to increase our reserve by $5k, to cover accelerated OVA registration fees.

Here is a breakdown of where we forecast our costs per athlete to be spent for this season.  This is for an ‘average’ athlete, noting that reg fees vary by age group and not everyone requires jerseys this year. It excludes Madawaska and Physical Training. Our average registration fees are slightly less than this, as we also have other income (tryout fees, banquet ticket sales, etc.)

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