Warriors come back full force!


Warriors come back full force!

Warriors come back full force!

After coming off of a bronze and silver medal it seems that the Warriors went ghost for a while. But this last weekend they proved to everyone that no one should EVER forget who they are.

Venue: Kingston.

Objective: Gold medal

The Warriors came into the Bugarski cup as one of the favourites to do good in the tournament but coaches Ken and Michelle still where dealing with the task of keeping the boys energized and focused.

Through the preliminary rounds, the Warriors did well winning games. This included a matchup with the 14u DA Spitfires who gave them a serious run for their money and pushed the match to its limit. But the Warriors were able to prevail.

Michelle and Ken were surprised not at the fact they were winning, but more at the fact, the boys were winning with the low level of energy and enthusiasm that they had. Both coaches knew that they would not be so lucky if they played like that in the semis.

We don’t really know what the coaches said in that pre semifinals huddle with the boys, but whatever it was it lit a blaze that not even the Chicago Fire Dept would be able to handle. The boys started playing like they were possessed!

They played Markham Unity in the semi’s and it was a thing of beauty. Sets were on point, passes were on point and hits were on point! These boys finally came to play! On to the final gold medal match.

They carried on with their new found energy and enthusiasm. Once again everything was clicking for the boys, they were making sure that everyone remembers the name of Warriors. But in the end, they were outplayed by the Markham Revolution and left with silver medals.

After the game the boys left with their heads held high. We are proud of the coaches and the boys of the 15u Warriors team. Congrats guys!

And I personally can’t wait to see what they do in the Marauder cup and provincials!! Go get um boys!

Team Rep, Nelvin Forde

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