Voltage 14UG at Bugarski Cup in Richmond Hill


Voltage 14UG at Bugarski Cup in Richmond Hill

The Voltage team took the courts in Richmond Hill on March 28th, 2015 with a determined mindset to start this tournament off with a solid start. Pool play saw many strong service runs with effect three set hits executed. These determine ladies won five out of their six games in the morning. Their efforts were rewarded as they placed first in their pool.

With a lunch and match break behind them, their afternoon games began. The Voltage cross over games proved to be a challenge for the Team as several players were now off the courts due to injuries and illness. They suffered their first match loss to their sister DA Illusion team.

The Toronto Galaxy proved to be a formidable opponent. These games saw many points traded back and forth, point by point by point. Game one was a heart breaking loss of 24-26. The second game displayed solid plays executed by both teams. A few additional grey hairs were added to all the spectators as Voltage was victorious with a 28-26 win. Onto game three we go! Several spectators were gathering in the gym and our Voltage team was supported by other DA athletes and parents. A great booster for our Voltage Team! Each Team was digging deep into their arsenal and after many equal points back and forth, our Voltage team came away with a 15-13 win!! A positive note to end the day!

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