Town of Whitby Sports Facility Strategy – Please Support Our Sport


Town of Whitby Sports Facility Strategy – Please Support Our Sport

The Town of Whitby is developing a sports facility strategy, and we have the opportunity to provide input.  As a geographically central location within Durham Region Whitby sites are easy to travel to.  This strategy and survey provides an opportunity for us to ensure that the needs of our current and future athletes are represented on equal footing with those that play other, better funded sports.

This strategy is ambitiously aiming to provide guidance for the next 20 years, so it is very important that we provide input.

This survey is important to everyone that wants to play or coach volleyball at all levels: youth recreational, adult recreational, youth competitive and adult competitive; able-bodied or disabled.  There is a distinct shortage of facilities for sports with an indoor requirement like ours.  There are no public, quality facilities for our sport within Durham.  Yet we have one of the highest concentrations of elite volleyball athletes in the country.  So please give this some thought and respond.

You can find background information here.

We ask that you give the topic of your childrens’ sports interests and how our tax dollars should support them some thought, and complete this survey:

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