The “14U Attack Rage” Start Provincials Off On Fire!!!


The “14U Attack Rage” Start Provincials Off On Fire!!!

Nearing the end of their Roller Coaster ride of a season, the “Rage” had their eyes set on a top 16th finish at Provincials!  Coming in Ranked 19th  (Division 1) the “Rage” were very focused on finishing the OVA season with their strongest performance of the year!

 Day 1 – In the opening round it was made clear they came to win! They started off with three straight dominating  wins over teams from Ottawa, Stratford and Cambridge which resulted in the Rage winning their pool!  The girls fantastic play caught the eyes of Spectators, Coaches and OVA Officials alike.  The Team seemed to have finally put all there learnings (from their Coaching,  practices and earlier OVA contests) together and were set to use them to defeat whoever stood in their way!!!  They played extremely well and played as all know they are capable of!  

 When this “Team plays at their best”…….all are in agreement there is not a 14U Team in the Province that  they can’t defeat!  

 Day 2 – It is said that tomorrow always brings a new day and in the Rage’s case it was a day that all associated with the team had wished never arrived!!!  With their early round success behind them,  the “Team From Durham” were again vaulted up the rankings. Success on Day 2 would guarantee of a top 16th finish and perhaps a shot at Tier One OVA Gold!  The teams “Jekyll and Hide” performance unfortunately  haunted them, it was as if the girls had been woken up from a pleasant dream (DAY 1) only to find themselves thrusted into in a terrifying nightmare (Day 2)!!!! They lost two early back to back games to teams from Halton and Woodstock,  teams that all believe the Rage would have easily defeated if they played as they did the day prior!!!

 All was not lost as the girls had a chance at redemption and could still move into the top 16 by defeating their Arch Nemesis the Scarborough Titans in their final match!  The “Rage” battled to the end and put on one of their better performances against the Titans, they battled hard and fought back from a game one loss,  winning the next one and forcing a game 3 winner move up match! In the end they just could not fully recover from their earlier disappointment and lost the third set which resulted in the “Rage” falling just short of their top 16 goal!

 Day 3 Provincial Wrap Up – In their early morning winner move on contest  the “Rage” were pitted against a team that they had previously beat in straight sets on Day 1 “The Stratford Stingers”. The “Rage” faced adversity once more losing the first set and seemed a bit unraveled. This resilient team responded to the early loss as they have done all season, they responded ferociously with a comeback win in game two!  In game three the “Rage” had nothing to hang their head about as they gave it their all and played some very inspiring Volleyball. The girls just ran into a team that seemed to be firing on all cylinders and had lady luck on their sideline  this day!  

 A very familiar phrase has been uttered around the team throughout the year, the phrase is “Process over Outcome”! 

 Hopefully having gone through the “Process” of playing at Provincials…………. it will provide the Rage’s desired “Outcome” at next month’s Canadian Nationals!  

 See you in Ottawa……GO Rage GO


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