Thank-You Durham Attack


Thank-You Durham Attack

I’m hoping you’ll share with the DA executive a big thank you for all the support our family received from the DA volleyball family over the last month. From the Boston Pizza fundraiser, to all the cards, donations, offers of help and attendance at the celebration of life we had for Brian, this friendship has held us up when we needed it the most.

Truly amazing.

What has been most surprising and wonderful for me has been the warm response from former DA teammates and their parents.  It speaks volumes to the quality of the people involved your program.

Also, Kate’s current teammates, coaches, parents and even opposing teams have been absolutely tremendous.  They understand how important it is for Kate to get back to normal play and practices.  After all, volleyball is her “happy place”.

To emphasize this I want to share a little moment with you.  About a week ago, I was sitting stunned at the table after we had opened up all the best wishes and donations from the BP fundraiser dedicated to our family. Kate turned to me and said: “They must really love us.”  It was something Brian would have said and she is so right.

Thank you,
Maggie Van Camp
Kate (DA 14U Legacy, Matt (DA U15 Boys two years ago), Nate (DA 18U last year and now Fanshawe College’s varsity team)

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