Flare 15U takes Bronze at 16U Provincial Cup


Flare 15U takes Bronze at 16U Provincial Cup

15U Flare Takes Bronze at 16U Provincial Cup (Bill Crothers SS, Markham)

The girls are gellin’…

Rob’s not yellin’ (quite so much)…

Parents are swellin’ (with pride)…

Team Flare put up a great showing at the 16U Provincial Cup held at Bill Crothers Secondary School in Markham on November 9th.  Practically every match went to three sets, which either meant they weren’t going down without a fight or they really wanted to get their money’s worth from the tournament fees.  Whatever the reason, the girls were fighters and came out of the battle with a well-earned bronze medal each.

The celebrations continued at the Fitzgeralds’ home later that evening.  It was lovely to see them all enjoying their prize.

Watch out for them this Saturday at the 15U Provincial Cup in Kingston.

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