Success In Sport and In Life


Success In Sport and In Life

To be successful at any venture in life is difficult. To sustain that success over a long period of time and with yearly changes of athletes and coaches is even more challenging. The collective commitment to whole athlete development and dedication to the club and the sport as a whole is the cornerstone of our success.  Its why we are so proud of our athletes and coaches who continue to affirm the Durham Attack approach to the game. We believe that “developing character in the pursuit of excellence” and instilling work ethic in our young athletes will always reward the effort.  Volleyball is the vehicle we use to develop great members of our community, who will succeed in any endeavour they attempt in sport and in life.

The 2014-2015 season was typical. Durham Attack won a National Tier 1 Gold medal in the girl’s 15u division. The 15u boys followed up last year’s Provincial and National Tier 1 Gold with a second straight Provincial Tier 1 Gold medal, and the 17u girls team added a fourth straight Tier 1 National Gold Medal, a result that is seldom seen within the OVA. Since 2001, Durham Attack teams have won 58 Provincial and National Tier 1 Gold medals, and achieved more than 150 top three finishes: a truly remarkable, long term achievement, and a humbling reward to our many athletes, coaches, and volunteers.

However not every team can win. Sometimes even the most talented teams do not win. Success in sport hinges on a number of factors, some physical and some intangible. At Durham Attack we measure our success by the progress of individuals; each athlete is a better volleyball player in May, technically, physically and mentally, than when the season started in September. Each athlete is a better member of our community.  By this account we also feel very fortunate. This year Durham Attack will be sending 12 male and female athletes’ to challenge for spots on our Provincial and National Youth teams. We wish them all the best of luck, and thank them for their dedication and commitment to their club and our sport.

Our interest in our athlete’s progress does not stop once they graduate from our club. In our twenty-three years of operation it has been satisfying to watch their progress. Since our inception, half of our typical graduating class has gone on to play at the Collegiate or University Level, in both Canada and the United States. Several have represented Canada at different levels, and many have also played professionally in Europe.

An added benefit of our longevity is that we are now seeing some of our most successful athletes return to coach within the club. It has been amazing to watch as these people leave as teenagers and come back as educated, young adults, eager to give back to the club they started with. A few of them were even coaches on this year’s Championship teams.

All of this serves to give even more energy and enthusiasm to those who operate the club. We believe that while our athletes produce the results, it is the coaching and support systems Durham Attack provides that enable them; their success is our motivation. Our athletes go on to achieve great things on and off the court.  With all the options available to athletes and parents in today’s OVA, it is our responsibility to help you make the best choice for your family. Our hope is that with our combined focus on volleyball excellence and character development, success will continue to be an outcome for our athletes, for whatever they tackle in life.

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