Strong Performance for 13U Girls Black Dynamite at 14U Provincials


Strong Performance for 13U Girls Black Dynamite at 14U Provincials

14U Provincials – April 24, 2015: Return to RIM and Strong Performance for 13U Black Dynamite

After a Silver medal performance the previous weekend at the Provincials, 13U Black Dynamite returned to Waterloo to test their abilities against the more experienced 14U competitors. Similar to the previous weekend, the first two days were Pool play.

Black Dynamite continued their winning ways with all athletes making strong contributions. The games were characterized by long rallies and hard-fought-for points. Dynamite ended the first two days finishing first in their Pool with only one loss against the Oakville Thunder that went to a tiebreaker.

Day 1: Vision [25-19//25-23], Pegasus Thunder [25-18//25-17], Georgian Cubs [25-19//25-10]

Day 2: Bandits [25-12//25-15], Blaze [25-21//25-13], Oakville Thunder [18-25//26-24//9-15]

There is no doubt that Day three would bring even tougher matches with the added intensity of Elimination play. Dynamite faced Defensa-Abi from Burlingtion. Dynamite fell behind early in the first set plagued by serves and spikes just going long. Despite keeping the match close, Dynamite ran out of runway and couldn’t close the gap [19-25]. The second set would bring higher pressure for Dynamite given the “do or die” elimination. The pressure wasn’t limited to just the game but also felt on the ears! The decibel level in the arena was unbelievable – what an experience!

True to form and the nature of Black Dynamite to never give up, they went on the offensive. They completely controlled the second set with strong serving and dominant net play – pizza delivery [25-9]. Off to a tiebreaker. Dynamite fell behind early. Strong defensive play kept the match close with Dynamite coming back from a 5 point deficit and closing within 1 point at the 11-12 mark. Unfortunately, Dynamite couldn’t swing the momentum in their favour losing a close game [11-15]. They met their Waterloo.

The 13U Black Dynamite have once again showed just how good they are with another strong and competitive performance at a higher level of play. As for the on-lookers, it was completely captivating and so much fun to be part of — Thank you Black Dynamite!!

I don’t know about you, but after the performances by Black Dynamite the last two weekends, I think I am going to develop an ABBA “ear worm”…..

Waterloo – Promise to love you forever more

Waterloo – Couldn’t escape if I wanted to

Waterloo – Knowing my fate is to be with you

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