Silver for 16U Red Girls in Kingston


Silver for 16U Red Girls in Kingston

The 17U Challenge Cup saw the Attack 16U Red girls heading down the 401 to Kingston on January 14th.

First up in pool play was Evolution Rise, a team the girls had never faced before. Attack dominated early, going up 6-1 and fought through any early morning sleepiness for a 25-11 win in the first set.  The second set got off to an similar start. With DA powering to a 25-10 final.

The second match of the morning saw the Red girls up against a 17U team from host Pegasus. DA went up 9-0 right off the top and hung on to take the set 25-12. They then took the second 25-11, claiming top spot in their division.

After a long break, it was time for the quarterfinals and the 17U Galaxy squad. Attack got off to a strong start, going up 8-2 early. But Galaxy closed the gap before DA broke away to win 25-15.

The second set was a closer affair. It was neck-and-neck most of the way but ultimately the Attack girls prevailed 25-20 and were off to the semis.

The semi-finals saw DA up against Evolution “1”, a team they had gone to three sets against at a tournament just weeks earlier.

Once again this was a hard-fought game from start to finish. Evolution came out on top of the first set 25-22. But the Red girls were not willing to give up. They powered back to take the second set 25-23. That set up the tie-breaker which the Attack girls took 15-12, sending them to the finals!

In the gold medal match DA faced the host Pegasus 17U “A” team.

In the first set both teams came out fighting hard but DA pulled out ahead and ultimately won 25-19.

Pegasus came out strong in the second set, going up early 10-3. And they never looked back, taking it 25-12 and sending the game to another tie-breaker.

The Attack setter was hurt on last play of the second set, forcing the coaching staff to shuffle the roster around a bit for the third.

It was neck-and-neck in the early going of the set but then through pure grit the Durham girls pulled ahead 7-4. It wasn’t enough, though, as Pegasus managed to claw their way back to win 16-14 and claim gold.

It was a long day, and though they were disappointed not to take home the gold, the Attack girls did the club proud, showing both skill and determination and setting them up well for their next 16U tournament, this weekend in Barrie.

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