Silent Night Comes Early for the Competition in Girls 13U Challenge Cup (F). 13U Girls Black Dynamite takes GOLD!


Silent Night Comes Early for the Competition in Girls 13U Challenge Cup (F). 13U Girls Black Dynamite takes GOLD!

Silent Night came early for the competition in the final tournament in 2014, Girls 13U Challenge Cup (F).  The strong consistent play of the Dynamite brought home another GOLD medal for Durham Attack 13U Girls Black Dynamite and left them as the shining star.

The first opponent was the Burlington Blaze. The first set was a slow start for Dynamite but they found their form and never looked back. Consistent play was the path to success. The only trail Burlington blazed was the already beaten path of defeat at the hands of Dynamite. [25:21 // 25:10]

For the second match, in roared the Niagara Rapids Blue. In the first set, the Attack once again played a consistent game but the Rapids had a persistent undertow which kept them in the set. Dynamite persisted and learned to ride the waves. In the second set they calmed the waters and were in complete control with solid passing and serving — the rapids were turned into a meandering river.
[25:22 // 25:13]

The third game saw the arrival of the Burlington/Oakville Hurricanes Blue. It appeared the forces of nature caused Dynamite some delay in lighting their fuse as this match was very close. In both sets it took Dynamite more than mid game to take the lead. The “never give up” attitude of Dynamite was the key to getting through to the eye of this hurricane. They survived the high winds. [25:22 // 25:23]

While the Attack calmed the Rapids in Match Two, they had to face Rapids’ sister team Niagara Rapids Black in Match Four. It would appear from the first set that Dynamite found white water rafting to be enjoyable as they surfed the Rapids to a quick victory. Set two was totally different. The Dynamite took time to ignite not taking a lead until well into the match. Unfortunately, Dynamite took on too much water and had to go to a tie breaker. Once again the determination and steady play of Dynamite prevailed. Someone should call Niagara Parks & Recreation and remind them that too much exposure to Dynamite will certainly cause accelerated erosion of the Rapids. [25:8 // 22:25 // 15:12]

On to the Gold Medal Match and a battle with the Scarborough Titans Quest. Dynamite started strong and were in control for much of the set but succumbed to the Quest losing a tight game. In the second set the Dynamite showed why they are a team to reckon with as they never quit. They took control of the second set never relinquishing the lead. This brought us to a tie breaker for the Gold. The match was close and Dynamite stayed true to their form of consistent and steady play. For the Titans, their Quest for gold continues. [22:25 // 25:16 // 15:12]

The tournament proved to be very exciting. I have no doubt Santa had many last minute changes to wish lists and the elves will be building more heart and blood pressure monitors (and perhaps a run on Depends).

What a way to end tournament play for the year!! Dynamite has played in three tournaments and has earned its place at the top taking two gold medals. This team is 24 carat!! and worth more than its weight in gold (for you investors that’s an easy $22M+). While the New Year will bring many new challenges, 2014 has had many exciting highlights to look back on and a lot to be proud of. This is truly a team effort that goes beyond the athletes but also to the vast supporting cast. We have a lot to be proud of.


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