September Clinic Dates


September Clinic Dates

OVA Tryout window regulations for the 2018/2019 season information is found below:

Re-signing Period for returning athletes: August 20th – September 7th.

Open House: September 8th – 19th

During this phase we invite all athletes to attend our September Pre-Tryout Clinics to brush up on your volleyball skills and get ready for tryouts.  These will be fun and energetic clinics to get you ready for school or rep tryouts.  

View Pre-Tryout Clinic Schedule

Preregistration is required at and a $10 fee will be collected at each clinic

Tryout Phase: Thursday September 20th – Sunday September 30th

Offer Period: starts Sunday September 30th @ 10PM on going.

Additonal Info


As of September 7th at 11:59 athletes who did not re-sign are free agents, they are free to try out for other clubs.

Once an athlete re-signs they are committed to the club and NOT permitted to tryout for additional teams.

Tryout Window

Clubs may ONLY offer athletes a position on their team via email using the OVA Offer Form.

Athletes are permitted to receive multiple offers from clubs but must accept an offer via email before the offer expires in 24 hours.  The club is allowed to reoffer the same athlete if they wish.

Club Fees

Clubs may only collect fees once the athlete is committed to the club.
Parents/Guardians are strongly urged to familiarize themselves with the clubs’ financial policies prior to committing to a club for the season.

For more information and a link to the Offer Form and Re-Signing Form please click below:

OVA Policy and Offer Form and Re-Signing Form

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