• Reminder and Amended Age Rules: 14U High Performance Regional Program Tryouts this Saturday

    A reminder that the tryouts for the 14U OVA High Performance summer program are this Saturday.  See an earlier post for the details.

    Since we have very few 14u boys athletes in the region the OVA is amending the age eligibility rules for boys only:

    • 13U athletes will be eligible to try out.
    • Athletes who are age eligible for 14U (based on birth date) but are playing 15U will be eligible to try out.
    • Athletes who are in the “extended age class” (as defined by the OVA on page 9 of the Youth Competitions Manual) will be eligible. These are boys with birth dates between Sept 1 and December 31, 2002.

    The OVA has clarified this yet again.  I think it is consistent, but I am starting it verbatim:

    • Regardless of when their exact birthday is, NO ATHLETE BORN 2002 AND PLAYING 15U OR HIGHER IS ELIGIBLE.
    • The High Performance Regional Program is heavily targeted at the 14U developmental level rather than pure age class. The ONLY 15U athletes that are eligible are those born in 2003 playing for clubs without 14U teams.
    • The ONLY athletes born 2002 that are eligible are those playing on 14U teams.

    If you have any questions please contact Fraser McIntosh at the OVA.

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