• Protect Your Rights as an Athlete: Report Tryout Window Violations to the OVA

    The OVA Tryout Window Policy is intended to protect you as an athlete and give you the opportunity to tryout for any club you choose, free from pressure.

    Only returning athletes to a club can be given an offer, verbal or written, prior to the start of tryouts on September 12th.  A club cannot make an offer to new athletes.

    A club cannot require you to respond to an offer until the official signing periods, the first of which runs from September 18th to 20th.  Unaccepted offers made during the first tryout period expire at midnight on September 20th.

    If you are aware of any violation of the policy the OVA encourages you to contact Carrie Campbell: ccampbell@ontariovolleyball.org, the second from September 25th to September 27th.

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