Indoor Competitive Program

You are visiting a club that has consistently been one of the most successful volleyball clubs in Canada, winning 26 National Tier 1 championships and 32 Ontario Tier 1 championships since 2001, with an equal number of Tier 1 silver and bronze finishes.  “Doing what is right for each of our athletes” is how we measure what we do and it’s no coincidence that this commitment to our athletes shows in their successes both on and off the court.

Base Technical Training Program

Our teams play in the Ontario Volleyball Association, competing in a minimum of 4 age level tournaments in Ontario, and in the Ontario Provincial Championships.  Our teams practice twice per week following a formal skills continuum we have designed for our athletes.

Physical Training

Different from other clubs, our 12-18U teams train in a volleyball-specific gym under Mike Slean, who has a long history of university and National Team play and education in physical training.  Each team trains together, once per week.  The training is age/physical development appropriate.  Athletes complete customized programs on other week days, and have unlimited access to Team 12 open gym times for the entire season.  Training is periodized to incorporate strength and endurance phases and prevent injury near end of the season.

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All of our teams will spend an entire day & evening team-building at the very beginning of the season.  Split into two separate Saturdays, both the Junior and Senior programs will have an entire day planned around getting acquainted with their new Coaches and Teammates.  The club has guest speakers, games, activities and workouts all organized to get you in the zone.  

Elite Training Program

The 18U Teams will be participating in our HPP (Heightened Performance Program) led by our Head Coaches Ian McNee and Chris Williamson.  This program will include additional training, instruction and input from outside sources including our TDs, mental training, outside professionals and U-sport coaches.  This program will run during the regular weekly practice times.

Additionally, all 16U-18U Teams will have an optional third practice running under our High-Performance Program titled the Durham Attack Academy.  This program will run similar to the HPP Program however will have a rotating weekly variety of topics including guest coaches, positional clinics, nutritional seminars, post-secondary educational preparation and a variety of topics to bring the players game to the next level.  A full schedule and minimal additional costs will be provided prior to the season commencing. 

Coach Compensation

More stringent certification requirements are being introduced (e.g. Development Coach). To continue to offer superior coaching to our athletes we are phasing in a new coaching compensation model that is aligned with some of the more progressive clubs in Ontario. This has impacted fees, but is designed to benefit our athletes. We will continue to attract and retain the best coaches available.

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