Physical Training Update


Physical Training Update

Durham Attack Training Page

The first T12 newsletter has gone out. Within the newsletter is information on how to access your sport specific training program. On the Team 12 site, there is a page dedicated to Durham Attack updates for training.  Go to and click on “More”.  Scroll to “Durham Attack Volleyball”.  You will be asked to input a password.  If you do not know the password, ask your coach.  Once you have the password you will have access to age group specific programs, conditioning workout ideas, training schedules and much more.  You need to supplement your training in the gym with workouts on your own.  Your coach will communicate with you regarding how often they would like you to complete your workouts and how you will report completion to them.  If you did not receive the newsletter, T12 has not received your registration form.  Email to be included in the next newsletter.  Follow @Team12Training for more free workouts and training updates.

Training Update

The 2014-2015 Training season has started and the athletes, parents and coaches have worked together to make this the best start to a training season yet.  Please continue to communicate the following information to Team 12 Training:

  • Any injuries or illness before attending Team 12 Training
  • Any questions that you may have regarding training or your training program
  • Absence or requests to change training times

Ensure that you complete your workouts on your own to maximize the effectiveness of our training program.

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