Peterborough and Oshawa show great results


Peterborough and Oshawa show great results

Our Wolves competed recently  in a 15U event in Peterborough and then 2 weeks later in Oshawa.  Our girls continue to work hard and improve week after week becoming more familiar with each other.  In the 15U event the girls played a very strong unified game and saw tremendous results and strides forward.  With a 5th place finish, they showed they are more than competitive with this older age group.  In Oshawa, these same girls played very athletically and spirited.  With another 5th place finish the girls were not satisfied and wanted more.  This drive and determination will do them well as Provincials are only a few weeks away.  Our girls only loses were to the eventual Gold medal competitors.

Our girls deserve a lot of credit for playing so hard and earning their successes.  Kudos to you girls!!!

See you all again in a few short weeks at the next event on March 23rd.

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