OVA Tryout Window Policy and Club Philosophy


OVA Tryout Window Policy and Club Philosophy

The OVA has instituted a new tryout window policy for 2014-2015, to prevent clubs from pressuring or coercing athletes with early tryouts and paperwork.

The full tryout window policy can be found here.  Your should review it and understand your rights as an athlete, as it is designed to protect you and give you maximum choice in determining where you want to play.  We were strong proponents of this policy, as were many of the long term clubs in the province, and we endorse it completely.


The tryout window is from Sept 6 – Sept 26.

Clubs can re-sign returning athletes from August 25th to September 5th @ 11:59 PM by completing and signing an OVA Individual Registration Form. As of September 6th those athletes who did not re-sign in writing are able to try out for any club.

Tryouts run from Sept 6 – Sept 26. During the tryout window Sept 6 – Sept 26, a club cannot request any athlete, new or returning, to sign with the club or pay any fees.

Starting September 27th Clubs can request athletes to sign OVA Individual Registration Forms and pay fees.  No fees except tryout fees can be collected before this date.

As always, you are not required to register with a club until the OVA deadline in February.

Verbal commitments made at any time are strictly informal.

Durham Attack Philosophy

Our philosophy remains as always:

  • As a general practice we will not be making offers to athletes (re-signing) before the tryout window.
  • We will run our tryouts as usual and provide equal opportunity to each and every athlete.
  • We encourage athletes to attend tryouts for all clubs they are interested in and to make their own assessment of their tryout experience, of the quality of the coaches committed to coach the team, of the club, and of their own personal fit.
  • As usual we will extend verbal offers to assemble teams prior to Madawaska, but as always we do not require any commitment or paperwork to be signed until our registration day on September 27th, after the end of the tryout window.
  • We have target team sizes at each age level and we will make verbal offers to only that number of athletes.  We will not overcommit and risk running teams that are larger than optimum for the athletes.
  • We will not and have not ever reneged on a verbal commitment made to an athlete.
  • If an athlete who was extended a verbal offer chooses not to play for the club then this may open up a spot for another athlete who was not initially selected.

Our philosophy has not changed; this is the same way we have operated every year.  We simply see the tryout window policy as the OVA’s means of dealing with the practices of clubs who don’t have the athlete’s best interest at heart and pressure athletes to sign/pay early or lose a potential spot on a team.

We encourage you to explore all of your options and not feel pressured to sign.  The consistent quality of our program over the past 23 years speaks for itself, however we understand that each athlete has unique aspirations and requirements and we may not be the right fit for everyone.

Other Clubs’ Positions

We were contacted by many other clubs in the province while reviewing the effect of the new tryout window policy on our September schedule and outlining our position.  An example of another club’s position statement is here; in addition they provide good advice for various tryout scenarios.  Thank-you to John Nguyen of the Ottawa Mavericks for sharing this information with us.

We hope that other clubs you encounter have a similar philosophy regarding what is best for you as an athlete.

Violations of the Policy

If you feel the policy has been violated we encourage you to contact the OVA’s Technical Director – jtrepanier@ontariovolleyball.org.


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4 thoughts on “OVA Tryout Window Policy and Club Philosophy

  1. When should I register for a tryout? I currently play in the house league but I would like to try a rep team.
    Thanks, Rhiannon McAlinden

    1. You can pre-register when we post the tryout schedule, or register at the first tryout. The schedule will be posted in a week or so.

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