• October – DA Clinics

    Please see the below details for Durham Attack Clinics for the month of October:

    Saturday October 14 – Maxwell H.S.

    • Scorekeeping Clinic (for Parents, athletes required for on-court “testing”)
      • 10AM to 11AM – Classroom Scorekeeping Clinic (Parents)
      • 11AM to 2PM – On Court – Scorekeeping (Parents and athletes)
    • Coaching Clinic (DA Coaches Only)
      • 10AM to 12PM – On-Court Skills Continuum Review

    Athlete Specific Clinics – Clinics are hosted by our Technical Directors and note that there is an additional fee of $5.00 to attend. To ensure we have enough equipment and staff present, please send an email to admin@durhamattack.ca  to register.

    Saturday October 21 – Maxwell H.S. (Athlete Clinics)

    • 15U Athletes (Boys and Girls) – 9:30AM to 12PM
    • 12U – 14U Boys – 1PM to 3PM

    Saturday October 28 – Maxwell H.S. (Athlete Clinics)

    •  16U – 17U Girls – 9:30AM to 12PM
    • 17U & 18U Boys – 1PM to 3PM

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