New OVA Overage Exemption Policy


New OVA Overage Exemption Policy

The OVA has introduced a new rule this season, whereby a maximum of 2 athletes per team who were born between Sept 1 and Dec 31 are allowed to play down one age group for the entire season.  Discussions with the OVA have reinforced the view that the intent of this rule is to provide a development opportunity for a deserving athlete that might otherwise be denied an opportunity to play.  The intent is NOT to allow an athlete to improve his or her tryout potential, team, coaching or playing time by electing to play on a team one age group down.

As a club we are not entertaining requests from athletes to play one age group down. Each athlete must attend their normal tryout, which is determined by the age they turn in 2015.  For example an athlete turning 16 in 2015 will tryout at 16U.

However the club will assess athletes at tryouts and if we identify an exceptional situation with a deserving athlete that may be denied an opportunity to play, we will consider applying this rule and discussing with the athlete and parent. This will be at the discretion of the Club.

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