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Our 18U boys are on a mission to medal at the 18U Open division in Houston Texas, the site of the USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships. This division features the top 48 18U teams in the U.S.  Entry to the tournament is earned by medaling at a USA Volleyball bid tournament, which the boys did in Daytona in January, narrowly losing the gold medal by scores of 23-25 and 24-26.  Competition will be fierce, but the boys are up to it, hot off winning the 2014 18U Ontario Championship with a 10-0 record.

Failure is not an option!

Its extremely challenging, financially, for the team to travel to Houston in mid-summer, after a season with major trips to Daytona and Edmonton, and college/university looming in the Fall.  Some of our athletes have no financial support at home and we have been helping them secure their future through our Athlete Assistance program.  But it’s support ends after Nationals.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 between now and when the team blasts off on June 27th.  Finals are on Canada Day, July 1st.


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The team consists of five veterans and five new additions that wanted to help us build an 18U contender.  After meeting at tryouts and gelling at our Madawaska teambuilding camp in September, they have become a very close knit group of guys.  Five of our athletes (Ryan, Nick, Luke, Jeremy, Wells) have been with the club since day one.  Three (Ryan, Nick, Luke) were on our 14U Black team that won the 14U Ontario Championship in 2010.  Our five new Attack brethren (Nathan, Zeid, Josh, Kevin and Ezekiel) came from across the GTA to join us for their final club year.  Jared Harris will be joining us from our 17U team.  After a slow start the team has improved rapidly in the new year and is better each time they go out on the court.

  • LIB – Luke Amos – 13
  • MB – Ezekiel Areghan – 10
  • OH – Zeid Hamadeh – 4
  • MB/LS – Jared Harris – TBD
  • LS – Joshua Henderson – 1
  • S – Wells Hick – 16
  • MB – Nick Pye – 17
  • OH – Ryan Skelly – 3
  • MB – Nathan Walker – 18
  • RS – Jeremy Williams – 15

We are coached by Dwayne Cochrane and Scott Burrows, the two founders of our club in 1992, and assisted by Ryan McIntosh who coached our 14U Boys to gold in 2010.  Ian Eibbitt acts as our team’s Technical Advisor and has been a huge asset this season.


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We are just starting our sponsorship drive but have had our initial sponsors step up very quickly.  Thank-you to all of you who want to help us take Canadian athletic excellence into the heart of the U.S.

To become a sponsor: email MissionControl@DurhamAttack.ca

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