Mental Training

Mental training is critically important in volleyball. Since 2010 we have been providing athletes and coaches with mental training led by our Performance Consultant Kyle Paquette, who has experience working at elite levels, most recently in Sochi as the Lead Performance Consultant for Curling Canada and supporting our mens’ gold-medal-winning Olympic curling team. Kyle, along with his colleagues at Marble Labs, will be delivering our mental training program for 2015-2016.

For 15-18U athletes the training is based on a 50-activity mental training program with workbooks for athletes and coaches that comprise a 17 week program.  At our 13-14U age group we will use an abbreviated program with a selection of these activities.

Kyle supports the program, thorough onsite seminars and periodic webinars, working with our coaches to help them deliver the program effectively.

The objective is to repetitively train mental skills, which require repetition to master, just like technical skills.


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