March 28, 2015: Black Dynamite shows their “metal” in 14U Girls Burgarski Cup – Silver Performance


March 28, 2015: Black Dynamite shows their “metal” in 14U Girls Burgarski Cup – Silver Performance

It was just one month ago when the Black Dynamite took Gold in the 13U Burgarski Cup. It was time to test their abilities playing a level up in the 14U Burgarski Cup.

Match One brought on the Markham Stingers. I am not sure the tournament athletes knew that the March break was over as the starting atmosphere was completely lacking spark. The only thing the gym was missing was a little muzak. I think the tone was set when I heard someone yell out, “Oh Mandy” and a few in the crowd thought it was a song request! Dynamite didn’t waste any time in set one dominating with a strong serving game. The second set was completely different with Dynamite falling behind 0-5 in the wink of an eye (which was actually a long time as it was hard to keep your eyes open). Dynamite fought back and the match went point for point to the 20 pt mark when Dynamite finally realized this was tournament play. [Match 25-11//25-19]

There was plenty of “excitement” left in the tank for Match Two against the Phoenix Flames. Black Dynamite fell behind off the start but quickly recovered and maintained the lead energized by solid net play. While the crowd was on the edge of their seats for the game, I think it had more to do with the size of the benches. Set two, like the first match, was totally different for Dynamite. They fell behind early and didn’t tie the game until 11-11 pt mark. They managed to maintain the lead but traded points throughout the match. A strong serving game was the cornerstone. While victory was ours, based on the noise level of the crowd, I am not sure we weren’t at the Masters. [Match 25-13//25-21]

On to Match Three against the Galaxy Guardians. Looks like someone put Red Bull in the juice boxes as the spark finally ignited Dynamite. Dynamite dominated the match through g-ood s-erving p-erformances from the athletes. Looks like GSP is not just a factor in the octagon (I think there was a GP factor present as well….Grand Parents!!). Set two was much of the same coupled with some impressive “scramble” performances. [Match 25-18//25-16]

Dynamite entered Match Four with momentum against their older sisters Red Illiusion. Dynamite dominated set one with an all-around game of serving, spikes and blocks….speaking of all-around….Pizza Set 1! Set two proved more challenging as Dynamite fell behind early. Despite keeping the pressure on, they traded points throughout the set but ultimately lost a close game. Dynamite headed to the tiebreaker with focused determination. The Black overpowered the Red with once again solid serving, spikes and a few impressive saves. Strong performances by both DA Teams! [Match 25-9//22-25//15-4]

On to the Gold Medal Match against the 14U tournament favourites – the Thundercats. This atmosphere was totally different from the morning start. Dynamite played a disciplined first set and showed the T-Cats why they earned their rank. An all-around performance again by Dynamite brought victory. Set 2 was a see-saw battle with the Black having an early lead but unable to hold off the T-cats comeback. On to the tiebreaker. Both teams traded points throughout the game. Despite a solid performance by Dynamite they were unable to close the gap, losing a close match. [Match 25-18//17-25//11-15]

While the general atmosphere at the start of the tournament might have been described as less than electrifying, Dynamite provided the spark and gave the 14U’s a jolt to remember. It is no surprise that Dynamite earned a well-deserved medal. In fact, it’s almost poetic that it’s a Silver medal – the highest electrical conductivity of any element – what better way to describe this team!


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