Madawaska Teambuilding Weekend


Madawaska Teambuilding Weekend

On Saturday, September 26, the Durham Attack Volleyball Club athletes and coaches, loaded up four buses and headed off to camp Madawaska for a weekend of team building and fun. As we drove towards Bancroft, the melodic singing of the athletes and the screeches of “ I am losing bars” rang out through the buses. The sun was shining and the leaves were beginning to change colour, making for a relaxing and scenic trip.

Upon arrival we quickly unloaded the buses, had a barbecue and began preparation for the weekend rotations. Beach and sitting volleyball, mission statements, campfires and waterfront fun were all on the agenda for the first day. Sunday saw the sun shining again, with low ropes, climbing walls, Inuit blanket, ziplining and kayaking as the activities for the day.

Athletes moved together as packs, supporting and cheering for each other as they pushed themselves to try new things while learning about each other and themselves. Smiles were everywhere and athletes set personal and team goals for the season and embraced the opportunity for a new season. The excitement was palpable and bodes well for another year of success for the red, white and black of Durham Attack.

Photos (courtesy of Martin Paul)

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