Let the Games Begin! Ontario Championships…


Let the Games Begin! Ontario Championships…

Good morning, on the day before our first Provincials weekend. This is an exciting time of year for everyone in the club, as our teams have worked long and hard leading up to one of the key events of our season – now called the OC’s, the Ontario Championships. Although we have won too many Ontario championships to count, what is important is for each team to achieve its own goals, whatever they might be, with our athletes all growing in the process. What they learn on weekends such as this will serve them well, whatever they choose to pursue in life.

You can follow our teams online, a few ways:

We also hope that you enjoy your weekend at Durham Attack House where, for the first time in club history, we will have all our teams under one roof. Take time to get to know others in our club, and chat with our executive, operational team and other volunteers who are in attendance. And please be courteous and respectful to out hosts at Best Western and Days Inn as we have also arranged for this to be our home-away-from-home for 2016.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy the OC’s.

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