It Pays To Host


It Pays To Host

Developing strong community relationships is important to us and we work hard at building partnerships with our local schools to enable us to provide the best program we can.  Our partnership with Maxwell Heights has enabled us to use the facility every Saturday of the volleyball season, and due to this Durham Attack was able to host 18 tournaments last season!  Bravo and thank-you to all the volunteers that ran these events for the OVA.

There are obvious benefits to the OVA, which has been able to use a high quality facility on a consistent basis, and hugely simplify logistics by storing the equipment and supplies for a full season of tournaments on-site.  The benefits to the club are no less important, but may not be obvious.  If clubs don’t host tournaments cannot be played.  And sure, the hosting team is able to earn funds for hosting the tournament.  But each family that plays locally instead of travelling to an away tournament, often overnight, saves a couple hundred dollars minimum.  And the club saves a couple hundred dollars for each coach that does not have to travel.  With an average of 3 coaches on each of our teams the cost saving is significant.

Conservatively estimated, 18 teams of 11 athletes plus 3 coaches saving $200 each adds up to… $50,000 saved!  That’s ignoring the fact that we often had multiple teams playing in each tournament.

We are looking for a volunteer Tournament Coordinator for the coming season.  The job entails coordinating which team(s) are hosting each weekend, and ensuring that the necessary paperwork gets submitted to the OVA.   Please contact the executive if you are able to assist.

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