• Introducing Durham Attack Beach

    Durham Attack is introducing a new daytime and evening beach program this summer, running on the 5 courts at Pickering Rec Centre on Monday thru Friday evenings and offering something for everyone, from novice beach player to seasoned OVA Beach Tour athlete.

    Weeknights will feature:

    • A two night High Level Competitive Training program for OVA Beach Tour athletes.
    • A 15-18U Club Competitive 2’s League.  Perfect for indoor players who want the benefit of summer beach training but without a commitment to numerous weekend OVA tournaments.
    • Junior Co-ed Beach 4’s Leagues with nights for ages 10-13U and 14-17U, with a mix of skills development and game play.

    Beach camps will be announced for weekdays and local beach tournaments will be hosted on weekends.

    All players will receive a DA Beach tank top, and great coaching from experienced beach players.

    Watch this space – we will be posting a flyer within a day or two.

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