HP & HPP Programs

Did you know that we have amazing things happening in the 2018/19 Competition Season?

The 18U Teams will be participating in our HPP (Heightened Performance Program) led by our Head Coaches Ian McNee and Chris Williamson.  This program will include additional training, instruction and input from outside sources including our TDs, mental training, outside professionals and U-sport coaches.  This program will run during the regular weekly practice times.

Additionally, all 16U-18U Teams will have an optional third practice running under our High-Performance Program titled the Durham Attack Academy.  This program will run similar to the HPP Program however will have a rotating weekly variety of topics including guest coaches, positional clinics, nutritional seminars, post-secondary educational preparation and a variety of topics to bring the players game to the next level.  A full schedule and minimal additional costs will be provided prior to the season commencing.

These two new Programs are just a sneak peak of the exciting new things that will be happening this coming season.  Stay tuned for more!!

Member of the Durham Attack Executive are available to answer any questions you may have and will be on-site on Tuesday August 28th.

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