HAVOK Plays Secret Santa to a Local Athlete


HAVOK Plays Secret Santa to a Local Athlete

As plans for HAVOK’s holiday celebration were taking shape earlier this season, the girls came to learn of a local athlete who was likely to have a Christmas a little less bright than their own. Knowing little more than the fact that this athlete shared a love for his sport just as they did and that just as when they come together on the court, they were stronger together, they knew they could make a difference.

HAVOK was determined to ensure that he knew the spirit of the holidays was alive and well and the love and joy that the girls put into their efforts were evident last nite. It has been suggested that this small act of kindness has made a significant difference in the life of this individual and although the girls will never meet him, the sense of community this project has brought to the team has been the real gift, from him to them!

Merry Christmas!!

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