HAVOK earns Silver at the 16U McGregor Cup – Championship Division


HAVOK earns Silver at the 16U McGregor Cup – Championship Division

Hitting the books for their first exams of their high school career had been the primary focus for HAVOK this past week. It was a stressful week for sure which would explain why the girls were very much looking forward to travelling to Cobourg to play “up” an age group in the Championship East Division of the 16U McGregor Cup and dive back into the game they love.
The day was off to a dramatic start as the snow was flying all nite long and the early morning drive to Cobourg was to be an event in itself.  HAVOK was poised to play several teams they have yet to experience this season and that only added to the excitement and anticipation of the day. Once again the entire team came together to produce solid results on the court. New challenges faced them as they worked thought the day to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents, eventually earning themselves a spot in the finals against the Ottawa Mavericks.
While a win would have positioned them in the Premiere division for the next 16U event and ranked them among the top 9 teams in the Province, it was not be be, and after a long and somewhat stressful week the girls fell to the Mavericks. HAVOK claimed the silver and should be very proud of their steady climb this season against so many teams that are a full year older and more experienced than they are. Each tournament affording  them an opportunity to develop their skills and explore their team dynamics while preparing themselves for the Provincial Championships later this spring and along the way they are learning that good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient and the best things just may come to those who simply don’t give up. Congratulations HAVOK!!!
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