GOLD MEDAL for 14U boys at McGregor Cup Tournament Feb 21, 2015


GOLD MEDAL for 14U boys at McGregor Cup Tournament Feb 21, 2015

The boys first distance tournament meant an overnight in Kingston.  How would they fare?  The bonding they did in the evening together certainly seemed to have its dividends in the end.  (And I was worried they would all stay up too late).  They certainly seemed to want their gold medal standing back!

What a great day for our boys. The cobwebs have all blown off from Christmas break and the team is back in fine form.

The first two games the boys faced the Maverick Bandits and the Pegasus Black teams.   They  won both games in good form and found their momentum on the court.

After lunch the boys played the Stingers and the boys were energetic and seemed to really be enjoying themselves.  Unfortunately, the stingers had a hard time keeping pace with the DA boys but this allowed the team to try some newer skills they had been practicing.  Back sets, different positions and even some jump serving.  Not everything worked perfectly but the boys had a great time trying and cheering each other on with each attempt at something new.  They were relaxed and having a lot of fun.  Leading them to easy wins in both sets.

Semi Final game was against the Fusion.  Now the competition was ramped up and more challenging.  The first set the boys won 25-20.  They were able to block effectively and set well, allowing for more kills on the court.  The were using the “T” well that coach had shown them the previous night.   The second set Fusion was out for the win and we had a few more errors with our serving and serve receive, resulting in a 15-25 loss for us.  The boys rebounded well and were able to hold composure even through some unsportsmanlike booing from the other team when our players made a great serve.  Third set and the pressure was on and the boys were a cohesive unit.  They had great serving, awesome energy and the talking and moving on the court was something to see, really out playing the other team.  All of this put the boys to a victory with a 15-10 win.

Finally,  the gold medal round against Leaside.  Certainly a team to be reckoned with but the boys were more than up for the challenge.  Their heads were in the game, though the day was a long.  Although they didn’t have a perfect game they certainly played extremely well.  The major difference between the two teams was two fold; firstly our DA boys had great defense and never gave up  on a ball.  It was truly amazing to see them move and fight for it.  I usually never single out a player but my hats off to Erik, he just seemed to be able to save the play easily when needed and all with an injury to his hand. Secondly, the strong attacking from our middles and left sides are not to be left out and of course that could not happen without the awesome passing and setting from the rest of the team.

We are excited to see what the upcoming tournament in Harrisburg, PA. holds.  It will be totally different experience and I am sure the boys are up for the challenge.  Win or lose the boys are certainly showing that they “Won’t be Beat!”




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