Girls 16U Red Snag Some Hardware


Girls 16U Red Snag Some Hardware

The team played their first tournament of 2017 in Richmond Hill, ranked fourth behind Clarington, E381 and Toronto West.  Attack warmed up their game in a match against Kawartha.  While their play demonstrated that they were still groggy from the long holiday break they won the match in two sets and maintained a good lead in both.

The tables were turned, however, when they met Toronto West for the second match of the day.  Attack started off on their back foot with Toronto playing a smart game.  Despite clean attacks and good placement of the ball from the opponent, Attack managed to rally and keep the set close.  Toronto proved to be even more dominant in the second set, winning the match in two coming first in the pool to Attack’s second.

Lunch revealed a peculiar food favourite within the team:  cold pierogies.  Yummy…?

Attack won their quarter final match in two in a warm up to their most competitive match of the day in the semi-finals against DRVC 15U.

DRVC came first in pool A and looked strong in the warm up, making this writer think that they had the edge.  The first set was a point for point battle in which Attack edged out DRVC 26 – 24.  In the second set DRVC lost some steam, perhaps tiring from two straight matches, giving Attack the win and admission to the gold medal match.  DRVC went on to take first place in their own age division the next day, allowing them to advance to the Premier division.

In this last stand off Attack met Toronto West for the second time, the only team to take a set off of them this day.  Attack played the first set as strongly as they had in the morning, giving spectators hope that this last match would turn into a three set brouhaha.  But this was not to be as Attack lost their rhythm and Toronto kept them pinned down in the single digits.

Nevertheless, Attack looked and sounded like a team and demonstrated the chops necessary to manoeuvre themselves into the finals and capture some serious hardware.

Well done!

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