Girls 15U Ignite First Tournament Play


Girls 15U Ignite First Tournament Play

Ignite had a chance to kick the tires this weekend during the 15U Girls Provincial Cup at Huron Heights in Newmarket.  The competition was a mix of old adversaries and unfamiliar clubs meaning that no one could know how the day would turn out.

After setting up in the cafeteria and figuring out which gym was where the team hit the parquet flooring to take on Reach Prime from Richmond Hill.  Things started out well with Ignite taking the first set 25-18 but Reach took the lead early in the second set, never gave it up and won that set also by a score of 25-18.  The teams traded the lead back and forth in the third set until Reach got ahead by a few points and secured the win.

The team returned to the cafeteria to graze until it was time to meet their sister team Durham Attack 14U Invasion.  Ignite held the lead for most of the first set until Invasion began to chip away at a five point lead and edged us out 25-23.  After an uncertain start in the second set Amy delivered seven strong serves to open the lead ultimately giving Ignite a 25-15 win.  Invasion scored the first point in the third set after which Ignite took the lead and didn’t look back earning a second place finish in pool play.

The team enjoyed a whirlwind lunch then headed back to the courts to face off against neighbouring club DRVC.  Ignite managed to chalk up a respectable lead in the first set until a former DA teammate – who shall remain nameless – unleashed a rain of 10 consecutive serves evening up the score.  Points were traded back and forth until DRVC clinched it.  The second set saw the lead see-saw back and forth until a pitched, point-for-point battle began ending with Ignite on top.  The third set started out with a similar close competition until our guns stalled and DRVC stole the win.

The last match of the day pitted Ignite against an unassuming little 14U team from Markham called Revolution Force.  Apparently someone forgot to tell them they were unassuming when they brushed off our two point lead in the first set and ran away with the game.  The second set was a close battle until the very end when, three points down, Stephanie delivered eight serves in a row to steal the game away and force the third set.  This set saw strong serves from Amy at the beginning to create a lead that we never relinquished and then again at the end to seal the win.

Every player enjoyed some strong moments during this tournament with a few stellar digs – Klassique! – big swings – Hope! – and solid blocks.  The coming weeks of practice and training promise to bring the team a few steps closer to becoming the close-knit fighting unit that will set them apart from the rabble!


SMASH 15U Fall Classic here we come!




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