Girls 14U Black “Legacy”- A Silver Medal to start the New Year!


Girls 14U Black “Legacy”- A Silver Medal to start the New Year!

Girls 14U Black “Legacy”- A Silver Medal to start the New Year!

Great Result at First 15U Tournament of the year!

Looking forward to starting the new year off on a positive note and lighting a fire of momentum for excellence for the rest of the season, Legacy played up in the 15U Challenge Cup, Trillium G division in Peterborough on January 11th.   The first game against STVC 14U Tektonics was a nail-biter, loaded with tension from the long and tough rivalry between these two teams. Legacy looked great in the first set, taking a strong lead at the end and winning 25-19.  Tektonics fought back hard in the second set, taking it 25-19, forcing a 3rd set.  With some good focus, blocking and setting up plays, Legacy pushed through and in a nail-biting end, pulled out the win 16-14!  SO amazing!

With that infusion of confidence, Legacy played strong in the 2nd and 3rd games of pool play against 15U teams Evolution (25-17, 25-12) and Uxbridge Cosmos (25-14, 25-17).  The semi-final match was against 15U Peterborough Thunder Xtreme.  The win looked likely when Legacy took the first set 25-16, but Xtreme ramped up and took a big lead in the 2nd set, winning 25-14.  Legacy pulled out some advanced plays and kept some crazy balls in play, and earned the win in the 3rd set 15-11, putting them in the Gold Medal match – facing STVC 14U Tektonics for the second time that day!

Tektonics were driven, and Legacy showed a bit of fatigue in the 1st set, giving it up 25-18.  Legacy fought back hard in the 2nd set with some awesome, virtually unreturnable serves and hits and recovering some tough balls, and kept in the game squeaking out a thrilling win in the 2nd set 25-23.  Yet again, these two teams went to a 3rd set…. but this time, Tektonics seemed to have more left in the tank and Legacy crumbled a bit, and the short third set was over before Legacy could regain the advantage, losing the gold, but winning the Silver medal – a result to be very proud of at a 15U tournament!

With that strong result, the team is excited to get to their next tournament in 14U Championship East division on January 25th!

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