First a Silver, then GOLD in 16U Championship East for 15U Girls Mighty Ninjas!!!


First a Silver, then GOLD in 16U Championship East for 15U Girls Mighty Ninjas!!!

The Ninjas were very excited for their first tournament of 2015 – their first overnight trip this season – to Kingston for the 16U McGregor Cup Championship East division on January 24/15.  Feeling right at home in 16U Championship East after winning Silver in the same division 2 months before, the excitement of the away tournament must have given Durham Attack Mighty Ninjas the rush they needed to show their huge talents right from the first set of the day.  With great digs and set-ups, great serving runs, and keeping tough balls in play, Durham Attack Mighty Ninjas won the first match vs. 16U DA Intensity 25-12, 25-18.  Game 2 was against Reach Fusion, who although they had just lost to DA Intensity, gave Durham Attack Mighty Ninjas a tougher than expected fight.  The Ninjas managed to squeeze out a nail-biter on a last serve by their Captain 26-24, and then with the help of a great serving run by their newest player (and some lucky breaks!), won the 2nd 25-19.  Quarter-finals were against 16U Northumberland Breakers where, even when it was close at times, Durham Attack Mighty Ninjas kept their composure and did what they can do – good plays, blocks and tips, and generally outplayed the Breakers, winning in two 25-17, 25-20, advancing to the Semis vs. Ottawa Mavericks Outlaw.   It was pretty tough competition in the first set, facing strong hits and blocks, with Durham Attack Mighty Ninjas conceding 21-25.  The 2nd set was a completely different story – using the libero, Durham Attack Mighty Ninjas worked their game, and pulled ahead to a solid win 25-13.  It was a tight situation in the 3rd set until Outlaw foot-faulted at 13-13, giving Durham Attack Mighty Ninjas the 14th point and the serve to win – which they did!  Off to the Gold-Medal match vs. 16U DRVC!  Despite DRVC having beat Durham Attack Mighty Ninjas in a practice scrimmage at home, the Ninjas were absolutely on fire and gave them a fight they likely never expected.  The first set went all the way to 25-25 (as this writer wrote in her game notes:  “Holy tension!!”), but Durham Attack Mighty Ninjaskept their momentum and possession to pull off the win 27-25!  Their intensity only built from there, taking the lead on DRVC and seizing the win 25-18, for the Gold Medal!!!  What an amazing day – and nice pieces of jewelry and big smiles to show off at the OnRoutes on the long, slow, freezing rain drive home!!  (We’ll be back, 16U Premier!!)


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