February 28, 2015: Black Dynamite takes Au in the 13U Girls Burgarski Cup


February 28, 2015: Black Dynamite takes Au in the 13U Girls Burgarski Cup

A few numbers to ponder………15, 22, 14, 13, 10, 13, 20, 23, 18, 19

Nope!!! These are not the Lotto Max winning numbers from Saturday but the opponents’ scores in Dynamite’s winning Gold performance at the Burgarski Cup. Once again Black Dynamite showed their skills, tenacity and team spirit winning all sets in all five matches.

Match One presented the Phoenix Blaze. The morning started off slow for Dynamite as they seemed a little less fluid than normal. Despite the slow start Dynamite managed to maintain control of the sets taking the first match. While historically the Phoenix normally expires by fire, this was more of a slow roast. [Match 25-15//25-22]

For Match Two in rolled the Aurora Storm. While Dynamite had started their morning stretch in Match One they continued their exercise executing a tai chi approach to passing and hitting – it was fluid, structured and precise. This brought Dynamite an early lead in both sets which was never threatened. Dynamite’s Storm management techniques dissipated the early warning into a light breeze. [Match 25-14//25-13]

In winged the Markham Stingers for Match Three. Dynamite had found their form in the previous Match and carried the momentum forward. Dynamite exercised great ball control with precision hitting and “gift wrapped “passing. Dynamite burst out early and maintained the lead. Pack away the polysporin – no stings today! [Match 25-10//25-13]

Match Four brought on the Scarborough Titans. With Dynamite just coming off a second place finish against the Titan’s 14U sister team last weekend, they were determined to remind all the accuracy of the rankings in this tournament. The pace of this Match was the fastest thus far. There was strong playing on both sides with equal levels of determination evident. Both sets were close with Dynamite taking the final lead late in each game. Dynamite’s “feet are like wings” movements and accurate power hitting were the ingredients for success. [Match 25-20//25-23]

Off to the Gold medal match and in buzzed the Markham Wasps. Dynamite’s determination from the previous match was not to be denied – Epi-Pens were at the ready. The first set was back and forth until mid-game when Dynamite took the lead (14-11) and the driver seat. They never looked in the rear view and drove on. The second set was as a mirror of the first with Dynamite taking the lead mid-game. Dynamite executed their game plan against the Wasps in a well-earned tournament victory – no anaphylaxis shock here. [Match 25-18//25-19]

When looking back on Black Dynamite’s performances in 2015, you can’t help but wonder if the coaches are expanding their lessons to include a minor in chemistry. It would seem the athletes are getting to know their periodic table and the atomic symbols for metals with an emphasis on Gold (Au).

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