• #DurhamAttack Canada 18u Boys ready for #BJNC 18u Open; our 14u Boys on their way

    Houston its T Minus 1.  Our 18U boys have all landed in Houston,  the 8 remaining who have earned the right to play the best of the best in the U. S.  are fast asleep and on the court at 7am tomorrow to start the final four days of their club volleyball careers.  Our 14U boys are on their way down.   Wish us all luck and #AttackPride  www.durhamattack.ca

    18u boys are on court 8 which is one of four courts being live streamed…  We play Saturday at 9 am,  12 pm and 1 pm EST.  You should be able to find us here… http://www.teamusal.org/USA-Volleyball/Events/Indoor/Boys/2014-BJNC

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