Durham Attack Training at New T12 Facility


Durham Attack Training at New T12 Facility

Team 12 Training is excited to announce that they are moving to a new location at Thornton and Taunton. This brand new training facility will be the new site of all physical training for Durham Attack athletes. T12 is moving October 1, 2015 and will be ready for all training sessions this season. The new facility provides much more open training space and expands the scope of sport specific exercise that can be done during each session. The new location provides 3000 square feet and has 18 foot ceilings. Athletes will now be able to complete sports specific movements like maximum block jumps and spike jumps within their physical training. The higher ceilings also allow for some ball control drills and sport specific conditioning with the ball to be included. T12 is adding a modified size volleyball court to the space that will also help maximize transferability of training movement patterns and exercises.

There is ample parking at the new location and the building is easily accessible from Thornton Road.

This new opportunity allows this great club to be even better.

T12 Trainers for the 2015-16 Season

Mike Slean – Head Trainer and Owner
Keith Forbes – Team Trainer
Radu Mavrodin – Team Trainer

More information about pur physical training…

Sneak Peek at the New Facility

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