Durham Attack Summer Camps


Durham Attack Summer Camps

2018 Summer Camp Flyer 

The purpose of the Durham Attack / SSS Volleyball Camp is to give the campers age 8-15 the tools necessary for all level of players to learn how to play the sport of volleyball and become a well rounded volleyball player. Emphasis will be placed on learning what is required to grow mentally and physically as a volleyball player and athlete. It is our intention to provide not only quality volleyball instruction, but an enjoyable experience as well.

The Durham Attack / SSS Volleyball Camp is a blend of physical and technical training in conjunction with strategy and mental preparation. Camps are designed for every level of player (REP to House League to school level).  Groups will be formed based on similar skill levels. There will be many game like situations presented and the camp will include tournament play. Each camper will be provided with an evaluation and their fitness testing scores. In addition, the Friday of every indoor week will be spent on the beach learning the basics of beach volleyball. Rainy day activities are planned in the case of inclement weather.

For more information or to register click here or contact:

Chris Williamson 

Call or text: (905) 409 2387



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