Durham Attack Red Flares Provincial Wrap Up!


Durham Attack Red Flares Provincial Wrap Up!

Fantastic experience, character building, well coached, positive reinforcement, consistent development, team chemistry, outstanding effort!!!

These were only a select few of the many positive phrases uttered by all involved with the Flares extremely successful 2015/2016 season!

Entering the Provincial Championships ranked 16th  (2 Gold , 2 Silver and a Bronze Medal in 7 appearances) our Durham Attack Flares were looking to stay in the top 16th heading into Sunday as it would ensure they had a shot at the Division 1 Gold!  In Day 1 play the Flares followed up a spirited effort against the Durham Attack Nightmares with a convincing straight sets win over the 9th ranked team from Woodstock (eventual Tier 2 gold medal winners)! The win over Woodstock cemented a place in the Top 16 and the teams initial mission was accomplished!

On Day 2 the girls played 3 extremely hard fought games and ended up with 1 win and 2 tough to swallow losses. The losses were a little tough to swallow due to the fact that throughout the season we seen our Flares persevere through challenge after challenge with very positive results! The two day accumulative result set up a Day 3, winner move on match with the highly ranked Scarborough Titans. The Flares played with passion, as a team and through everything  they had at the V-Ball Titans.  Unfortunately the girls ended up just a little short on this day and could not conquer the Titans this time around!

Looking back……….. when the Provincial rankings were released in early March, the rankings had the Durham Attack Flares ranked 26th in the Province, going into provincials they were ranked 16th and at the end of provincials they ended up tied for 9th!!!! The steady climb in the rankings,  multiple medal winning performances and fantastic finish to our season was a direct result of the consistent team development and performance by both the Players and Coaches!!!

Girls / Coaches– Once again congratulations on the phenomenal season and thank you for the awesome experience we all had the privilege of sharing with you !!!


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