Durham Attack Rage Poised to Win Medal at Final 14U Tournament of the Season!!!!


Durham Attack Rage Poised to Win Medal at Final 14U Tournament of the Season!!!!

Entering their last 14U tournament of the season, the Rage were poised to win a medal!  In convincing fashion the team from Durham won both of their morning pool play matches and dominated teams from Noir et Or De Mortagne and Northumberland.


In the afternoon Quarter Final,  the girls were matched up against the Pegasus! The skill level of the Attack Rage was just far too much for the team from Kingston on this day , the Rage peppered their opponent with a masterful display of serving and hitting winning in straight sets 25-13/25-5.

Next up was a semi-final rematch with the highly skilled Scarborough Eclipse!  Although the Rage had beaten the Eclipse in the previous Tourney, this battle began with the Rage looking a bit shell shocked at the power of the Scarborough based team. The initial shock resulted in a 25/14 first set loss!  As they usually  do,  the Rage regrouped , refocused and responded with a fierce second set comeback! In the set the girls communication and Intensity provided the foundation for their 25/22 win over the Eclipse! The final set would be highly contested and the result could have went either way!  The Rage competed hard and played well but in the end the team from Scarborough pulled off what most believe was an upset win!  Although the Rage were defeated,  something tells us this rivalry is not over and the Rage will have their chance to respond at Provincials or Nationals with everything on the line!

All was not lost on this day as the Rage were still in medal contention and had to play the hometown team “ The Ottawa Raiders” for a chance to win Bronze!  Coming of their hard fought Semi-final, the Rage were tested once more as their backs were against the wall due to a first set let down loss to Ottawa 25/20 !

The girls dug deep one more time and roared back once again with a dominating 25/15 second set win. The win forced a third and final set of the day with the winner taking home the medal! With coaches, players and parents on both teams showing visible signs anxiety and excitement the match was on!  Both teams at times looked like they were poised to win as it went back and forth and then back and forth again! When the dust settled in came down to the very last point , the Rage were up 14-13 and executed the very last play of the game perfectly winning the match and taking home the Bronze!

Congratulations to the “Rage” on their medal winning performance!

Next stop 15U in Peterborough!

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One thought on “Durham Attack Rage Poised to Win Medal at Final 14U Tournament of the Season!!!!

  1. Good Job girls.
    We are very proud of you.
    Please give my greetings to your Team and specially the wonderful coaches.
    I love you Dania.
    Aunt Mona from the USA.

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