Durham Attack Program for 2014-2015


Durham Attack Program for 2014-2015

Our exec and operational team have worked hard over the summer months to again improve what we provide to our athletes.

Our recreational program is experiencing huge growth; see our web site for more info.

For competitive athletes our programs are equal to any in the province. Looking to play volleyball? Look no further!

Durham Attack Volleyball Club – 2014-2015 Program

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2 thoughts on “Durham Attack Program for 2014-2015

    1. Hi Carol. That is a great question. We’ve been holding off posting our schedule to improve the odds of athletes having more choice. When we finalize our schedule, and throughout tryouts we look at other club schedules to eliminate conflicts and accommodate athletes who may want to try out for multiple clubs. While we would like to accommodate all athletes that come to us, unfortunately we currently have limited capacity. We may change our schedule mid way through to allow athletes who don’t make a team to still have a chance to attend the last tryout at another club. And we coordinate with other Region 4 clubs like the Breakers to de-conflict schedules and find homes for athletes who want to play. We posted our schedule this evening and I did not see any tryout conflicts that would prevent athletes from trying out for other Region 4 clubs. However, if past history repeats itself, another club will copy our schedule verbatim, making it difficult for athletes to have options, which is exactly opposite what the OVA is trying to promote. Its a comical farce every year for as long as I can remember. In any event our schedule is up at 9 pm Friday evening, as of that time I cannot see conflicts with any other club’s published schedule in Region 4, but our schedule will be replicated soon.

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