Durham Attack Performance Coach Kyle Paquette in Rio


Durham Attack Performance Coach Kyle Paquette in Rio

Congratulations to Kyle Paquette, who has been Durham Attack’s performance (mental training) coach for the past 8 years, guiding our mental training programs for coaches and athletes.  As Durham Attack did with physical training with Michael Slean, we raised the bar and pioneered mental training for volleyball athletes long before other clubs in the OVA.  We are proud to have broken new ground that has benefited all of our athletes, including our National Mens’ Team in Rio for 2016.

Kyle and his team at marblelabs.ca have delivered our mental training program to our coaches and athletes for many years, through hands-on sessions and self-study guides.

After a hugely successful Winter Olympics in Sochi, Kyle (on the right) is in Rio providing support to maximize the performance of our Summer Games teams, including Mens’ Volleyball.

Kyle will be writing a Rio blog for our Durham Attack athletes and coaches.  Watch this spot.


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