• Durham Attack Has Openings for 16/17/18U Boys

    We are still looking for a handful of 16U or 17U athletes to round out our Boys 17U Red team. Also eligible to play on this team are some 18U boys – athletes who will turn 18 between Sept 1 and Dec 31 of 2015 (applying the OVA’s new overage exemption for athletes born between Sept-Dec).

    If you are interested in playing club volleyball with Durham Attack then please contact coach Winston Rosser: winstonrosser@gmail.com

    Winston returns to the club to coach this team after a professional stint in Finland was ended by an ankle injury. His experience includes 7 years playing club volleyball with Durham Attack and 5 years playing at the University of Guelph.

    If you’d like to play for one of the leading programs in the country then please contact us!

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