Durham Attack Eclipses Previous Tryout Records


Durham Attack Eclipses Previous Tryout Records

Planning for tryouts is interesting. Usually you line up coaches and gym space and you order shirts and fine-tune it from there. But demand to play DA volleyball this year has eclipsed anything we have seen in the past. We’re ordering more shirts, recruiting more coaches, and filling up our spare practice gym space. Our girls tryouts are approaching 300 athletes, with new athletes attending this weekend. We’re approaching 100 on the boys side.

Athletes in Durham and the GTA are recognizing the unique value that our program offers and the breadth and depth of our coaching staff. As a result we’ve been working hard to expand our coaching staff to add new teams and enable as many athletes as possible to play.

Thank-you to the new coaches that are joining our team, and we are looking forward to growing our program for the coming season!

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