• Durham Attack CARES – Help Our Friends in Fort McMurray

    Durham Attack CARES – Help Our Friends in Fort McMurray

    As our teams prepare to play in our national championships, against friends and foes from across the country, we ask that you take a moment to think about how fortunate we are, and how you can help those in need in Fort McMurray Alberta.  Our 17/18u girls are in Edmonton this weekend, just a few hours south of where this devastation is occurring.  Teams from Fort McMurray clubs are struggling to attend Nationals, in the midst of this tragedy.


    If your team has not completed a Durham Attack CARES project yet, or you can take on another one – this is your opportunity.  Please get out and raise some money to donate.

    Volleyball in Fort McMurray

    There are two clubs in the Fort McMurray area that have teams trying to attend Nationals.  Contact one and see if your team can assist or donate:

    If you see a northern Alberta team at a tournament, take a moment to give them our support.

    LVC (Lethbridge Volleyball Club) is collecting cash donations to help Fort McMurray clubs get their teams to Nationals.

    Other Ways to Give Help

    Jenn McManus, vice-president of the Canadian Red Cross in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, says money is always best.

    “In-kind donations are very complex and very logistically challenging to operationalize, so, at this point, financial support is the best way to support,” McManus told the Calgary Herald.

    “We have trained staff and volunteers that are ready to be deployed to support evacuees, and we have emergency resources that we can move.”

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