Durham Attack 2014-2015 Tryouts (Updated Sept 4th)


Durham Attack 2014-2015 Tryouts (Updated Sept 4th)

Note added Sept 15th – Parking at Durham College

At Durham College Sept 15/16 the gates of Founders 2&3 lot will be lifted for your participants & staff to park in. Parking elsewhere on campus is paid parking.  Click this link to a parking map

Welcome to our information page for 2014-2015 competitive season tryouts. If you are new to our club,  welcome to Durham Attack; please take a few moments to explore our site and see what our teams enjoyed last season. We were again one of the most successful clubs in the country with two National and three Provincial championships. We’re looking forward to another great season and our expanded competitive program.

A summary of our programs is here.  We look forward to seeing you at tryouts!


We have made changes on Sept 4th to accommodate coach’s conflicts.  Please see the changes on our schedule that are marked in red.  Durham Attack 2014-2015 Tryout Schedule.  Continue to keep an eye on this page as changes may be posted throughout tryouts.

When we posted there were no conflicts with Region 4 clubs’ published tryout schedules, but as usual some clubs created conflicts; this is par for the course.  Please communicate with us and we will help your athlete attend multiple tryouts.


  1. Online registration is closed, so that we can organize the list of athletes.  No worries, instead please fill out our paper Tryout Form and bring it to your first tryout.  Its all the same.
  2. Cost of tryouts is $30 per athlete. Bring cash or cheque made out to “Durham Attack Volleyball Club” to the first tryout. Please write the athlete’s name and age group on the back of the cheque.
  3. Arrive at the gym 20-30 minutes before your first tryout, to allow time for registration.
  4. Wear volleyball attire and bring water. Each tryout session is 2 hours in duration, and we anticipate there will be three tryouts per gender/age group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do the age groups work? What does ’15U’ mean?

Answer: ’15U’ means age 15 and under; an athlete must be no older than 15. It does not mean that the athlete must be 15, as it is possible for a younger athlete to play in an older age group.  The age group is defined by an athlete’s age in the year in which the season ends, which is 2015. If an athlete will turn 15 in 2015, for example, then they would normally complete in the 15U age group, but could be allowed to play in an older age group, based on coaches’ assessment of various factors.

Question: I cannot attend one of the tryouts due to a conflict. Can I still tryout?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. It is common for athletes to have conflicts in the first half of September, with soccer playoffs and other club tryouts competing for your time. We ask that you email us at ‘info@durhamattack.ca’ providing your name and age group to make us aware of the conflict, we will pass it along to coaches so they are aware of when you can and cannot attend. Missing a single tryout does not jeopardize your ability to make a team.

Question: How many teams are you planning to run at age X?

Answer: Our plan is to run the same number of teams as last year, and possibly more if additional coaches are identified at tryouts. This year we expect:
Girls: 13U (3), 14U (3), 15U (2), 16U (2), 17U (2), 18U (2)
Boys: 13U (1), 14U (2), 15U (2), 16U (1), 17U (2), 18U (1)
For a total of 23 teams.

Question: My son/daughter is younger than 13U? Is there a team for this age?

Answer: Yes. There are two alternatives. First is that our entry level teams – Girls 13U and Boys 14U – always carry underage athletes. Second, we assemble ‘Select’ 12U Girls and 12-13U Boys teams from our boys and girls house league programs, provide extra training for them, and compete in OVA tournaments. Last year these Select teams were very successful.

Question: I have heard about a new ‘Tryout Window’ policy? What is it?

Answer: This is a new policy instituted by the Ontario Volleyball Association to protect athletes rights to freely choose where they wish to play. You can find more information here.


Question: I’m new to competitive volleyball. What does the season entail and what does it cost?

Answer: As usual we will provide a handout at tryouts that outlines our programs, what a season typically looks like, and our forecast of costs for the season.  We will post this as soon as it is available.


We’re looking for club volunteers to help register athletes at tryouts. If you can assist please contact us (jnfo@durhamattack.ca) with details.

We are also seeking additional coaches to help us expand our programs.  if you are interested please email info@durhamattack.ca.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions please email us at ‘info@durhamattack.ca’ or ask us at tryouts.

Durham Attack Volleyball Club

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18 thoughts on “Durham Attack 2014-2015 Tryouts (Updated Sept 4th)

  1. I have several questions:
    What are my chances of mAking a 15u team if there are only 2 of them?
    What does a season usually consist of?
    How many people are usually on each team?
    What are you looking for in an athlete?
    What usually happens at a tryout?

    1. Hi Holly,

      These are all good questions. Some are difficult to answer.

      The chances of making a team depend on how many 15U athletes try out, your skill level, and your future potential (size, athletic ability, etc.) Generally the chances are fairly good.
      What does the season consist of? Two practices and one physical training session per week from Oct – May. Between 4 and 8 one day tournaments, a three day provincials tournament, and potentially a three day nationals tournament (Calgary).
      Teams at that age have 11-12 athletes.
      At 15U we are looking for good skills with a lot of future potential; coachability; size is always an asset.
      At tryouts the athletes complete drills and scrimmages that demonstrate the above.

  2. The link to register for tryouts does not work, can you email the correct link. My daughter is born in 2002 and would like to tryout.

    thank you
    Tom Morgan

  3. Hello, my son is interested in trying out for the boys U15 team(s). Are the practice and conditioning days for this age group set at this point? What is the cost breakdown for the season(practices/conditioning/tournaments? Thanks.

    1. Hi Karl,
      Great to hear! We don’t schedule practices until we have a clear picture of the teams we are running and the gyms available to us. But it will be two-hour sessions on two days, Monday thru Thursday. Sunday seems to be a popular day for physical training as it does not tie up another weeknight and leaves more time for schoolwork, however it will be a team decision as to which day to do physical training on. Our costs will be very suimilar to last year, at this age around $1000 for club registration fees, $200 for uniforms, $318 for physical training, $226 for the Madawaska weekend. If trying to compare fees be aware that program quality varies widely and we run our program at a couple percent above cost. We will be publishing more detail soon.

    1. Hi Lisa… no, there isn’t a reply. We’re just capturing data to speed up the start fo the tryout. I will ammend the form to make this clear.

  4. My daughter is turning 15 in October of this year so could she technically play on the 15U team? I know that girls born in 1999 should be on a 16U team so I was just wondering about our options. Thankyou in advance.

    1. Hi Kate,

      For the coming season, it is based on the age you turn the next calendar year. So she would have to play 16u or older.

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