Durham Attack 13U girl’s volleyball teams take home three medals!


Durham Attack 13U girl’s volleyball teams take home three medals!

The Durham Attack Heat 13u squad were revved up this past Saturday after a great 2-0 start to the day! Playing in Ottawa’s 13U Girl’s Challenge Cup – Trillium F, they won both games in their first match against the Ottawa Fusion, 25-20, and 25-13. Their next match was against another Ottawa team, the Maverick Sidewinders. Clear communication on the court and a consistent ability to turn each play into a pass-set-spike opportunity, had the Heat earning their namesake – turning up the HEAT with two strong wins, 25-15 and 25-9!

After lunch was a challenging game. The girls started off down 10-5, then after several great plays including one difficult pick off the net, they were in the lead. The score remained tight right until the end with the Heat winning 26-24. Game two was equally exciting. Outstanding plays and perseverance had the Durham Attack Heat finishing with another win, 25-17.

Continuing undefeated, the team went on winning 25-16 in their first game against Durham Attack Avalanche. In the second game, the Heat were outplayed by Durham Attack’s Avalanche. Fast on their feet and scooping every ball up, the Avalanche beat the Heat 25-9 and went on to take the tiebreaker 15-10.

To end the day, the Heat was matched against the Maverick Sidewinders for the bronze medal. Winning the first game 25-9, the Heat then went on to win 25-17 and capture the bronze medal.

Overall it was an outstanding day for the Durham Attack Volleyball Club; cleaning house and taking home all three medals. Durham Attack Chaos winning the gold, the Avalanche taking the silver and Heat getting the bronze! A sincere thank you goes out to all of the tournament organizers for a well run event, and to all the parents for providing a delicious lunch. Additional thanks are extended to the coaches for their enthusiasm and dedication. Your commitment and coaching skills are evident in the quality of play we’re seeing from Durham Attack, as well as the win column!

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